In April of 2011 I was invited to give my 2 hour presentation of "DR & CR: Techniques and Strategies Everyone Can Use" for the Lakeland Regional Medical Center. As many of their employees were working that day and could not attend, they videoed the presentation. So you can get a sense of what my talks are like, here are seven different one to two minute clips from that presentation. The quality wasn't the greatest, but this is the only lecture I've ever had videoed, so it was this or nothing. The video player we are using does not have a rewind or fast forward so we apologize for that. The good news is no video is longer than 2 minutes.

What MAS Does

Index Exposure Range

Lowering The Dose

Ways To Critique An Image

Over Exposures-Automatic Rescaling

How Low Can You Go?

mAs = Dose - The Duke Phantom

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