In late 2009 I was hired by the book company Lippincott Williams & Wilkins to be the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on a new Anatomy and Positioning Textbook they were  creating to compete with Merrill’s and Bontrager.  During the following year I spent   hundreds of hours going through the PACS at CHOMP looking for textbook quality images  that would be included in  the textbook.  I viewed tens of thousands of images and painstakingly chose hundreds of them.

      In December of 2010 the project was cancelled (it was turning out to be a whole lot more difficult for their writers than they thought it would be).  I still had all of the images   so I began using them during my weekly student image critique sessions.  I also gave    them  to a couple of radiography programs that wanted different high quality digital radiographs.

     Below are all of the images I had chosen.  They can easily be found in the appropriate body part folder.  Feel free to download as many of them as you would like.

     I am slowly cutting and pasting these images into this section.  I have over 300 of    them and they need to be done one at a time with quite a few changes to each so that  they fit properly and have the correct tagline with them.


Chest Images

Abdomen Images

Upper Limb Images

Lower Limb Images

Humerus and Shoulder Girdle

Femur and Pelvic Girdle

Cervical and Thoracic Spine